When you’ve been flirting with a dude who has conveniently not mentioned his girlfriend until she calls in the middle of said flirting.


Given two days off, and what do I do? Ignore my principals suggestion to explore Sendai and take off to Osaka.

2 08.15.14

Sorry for spamming. So many things to say after being net-less for a little while. This is going to be a long post about EVERYTHING that comes to mind.


5 08.08.14

What JET says vs. what JET means

I’ve only been in my placement city for a few days and I already have a list of things JET misinformed me about…

What JET says:
- You can do the program for up to 5 years!

What JET means:
- You can do the program for up to 8 years, sort of. After 5 years in JET, you can apply for Sendai’s Hello World Program for an additional three years. As a Sendai JET, imagine everyone’s surprise when our Seikatsu Advisor said “Up to 8 years”. I already knew because I asked her about it after I saw a post on the facebook page by someone joining us in Sendai after 5 years elsewhere.

What JET says:
- Do not show your shoulders!!

What JET means:
- Do not wear spaghetti straps. Imagine my surprise when, after all of JET’s claims that NO ONE shows their shoulders, I see loads of women wearing tank tops. (Keep in mind that I’m in a large city. This may not be true in smaller cities or in towns.)

What JET says:
- No Japanese required!

What JET means:
- Be prepared to be completely ignored if you don’t know Japanese at a conversational level. Even the JTEs aren’t very good at English. (Of course this is my personal experience, but judging by the amount of Tumblr horror stories, I’d say it’s generally pretty true.) I honestly believe I’ve had such an easy time so far because I understand a decent amount of Japanese.

What JET says:
- Everyone will be in “cool biz” when you arrive!

What JET means:
- Everyone will be dressed in completely casual outfits because it’s summer vacation. You’ll be showing up in your full suit to meet people in their shorts and t-shirts.

4 08.08.14

Pre-departure/Departure Happenings

So. I get to the bus depot around 5:20, about 10 minutes before they open, and there’s this young guy there with two suitcases like me. It turns out he’s also a JET participant. Unfortunately, with all the flooding in Saskatchewan and Manitoba recently, the bus is delayed because of road closures and areas that are still flooded. Our bus was supposed to depart at 6:15 and departed around 9 instead. We made it to Edmonton around 3:30, just in time to catch the bus to Calgary. Which is also packed, and we were with about 20 other people needing to transfer. Fortunately, most of them weren’t heading to Calgary and missed their connections going elsewhere already. So they were shoved aside to be re-routed. In the end, there were 3 seats on the bus and 3 of us that needed seats! Lucky~.

But that’s not the end of it. We get on the plane a couple of days later, and we’re stuck on the tarmac for about 3 hours because one of the air conditioners is broken and they needed to fix it. We finally get up in the air and guess what? It’s not fixed. So we land in Vancouver before we all start suffocating due to lack of oxygen. They start getting a new plane ready for us, and that takes about 4 hours. In the end, we arrived at our hotel at about 1:30am, and we were supposed to arrive around 5 or so. We were semi-famous at orientation because of the delay.

Since me and the other JET from my city had both of these delays, I told him that one of us is cursed. He took the blame, and then said it was infectious. I joked that if there were delays departing from Tokyo to our placements that I would actually believe in the curse.

So, my group arrives in Sendai and one JET forgot his ipad on the shinkansen. What does he do? GETS BACK ON. Goodbye, sir. See you in an hour or two. Curse is real.

If anyone is a Hyogo JET, avoid the new Canadian JET from Saskatoon like the plague!

1 08.08.14


Any tips for getting over jet lag???

Well, it’s a little late for you, but I always get over jet lag in 1-3 days by not sleeping while travelling, and then not sleeping in my destination until an appropriate time. Sometimes I crash on day 2-3 and take a power nap (sometimes a very long one, sometimes a couple hours). Sometimes I’m too busy to power nap, but whether I do or don’t, I always seem to be fine after day 3.

Best advice at your stage is go out! It’s only difficult staying awake when you don’t have things to do.

5 08.05.14

Summary of my pre-departure JET experience so far:

Purchase something, misplace it/leave it behind, purchase new one, find original/extras.


I’m going to sleep so hard on the bus tomorrow. Please let it not be crowded so I can have two seats to myself.


Slapped with a test??


I thought I was on top of all my preparations for when I leave on Saturday, but then I get this email saying that I needed to complete a test after reading a 110 page document from the British Embassy… 0.0

Is this a new thing? I haven’t heard about this before haha! Moar work!!! Moaaaaar! :p

Ooh, I focused on the part of the e-mail that said “requests that you read the ALT Handbook” instead of the part that said “It is your responsibility to complete the test”. I got to page 40 and quit because it kept repeating itself. I guess I should go finish it.

2 07.27.14

I really wish I could go to one of the KAT-TUN concerts in Sendai after I arrive.