Had a list of things to do today.

… Finished them all an hour before lunch time. So I studied Japanese until lunch, but like… What to do with the three hours after lunch? STUDY MOAR?

1 09.01.14
@Anonymous "Have you decided which JLPT level to take? How long is the application open for?"

I’ve registered for the N2 exam, even though I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to pass N3 right now because I’ve forgotten so much.

I’ve heard that registration closes on October 1st and on October 3rd. (I think the first date is mailed in applications ams the second is online applications, but you should just register asap if you decide to do it)


Please be exactly like your predecessor!!

I don’t know how many JETs have this happen to them, but at my school the JTEs really want me to be my predecessor.

They always tell me “He did this!” And when I don’t take the hint, “Can you do what he did?” And if I still hold out “Do what he did.” How to find my own style when my JTEs want me to have his style?

Also, somewhat related. We have to log into the school scheduling system, and I mentioned that my name isn’t on the login list. My JTE brought it up with the guy who handles it, and his response was “Can’t she just use her predecessor’s name?” I thought he meant for the time being and assumed I would be added today, but no. He seriously just doesn’t give a fuck and is making me use my predecessor’s name. Thanks for the warm welcome, bro.

Also, my name tag has my last name wrong and now I feel like if I mention it they’ll be like “Whatever, it’s close enough.” That was my reaction, but other JETs have insisted that it’s vital I get it fixed…

In other news, one of the cute teachers talked to me today. I feel like if someone talks to me, there must be a reason, so I’m all “Was it the JLPT book on my desk? Is it because I picked up that tape for him?” Really, though. “THE QT SPOKE TO ME YAAASSS” is my main reaction.

5 09.01.14

Me “reviewing” N3 before studying N2: “I recognize this but I don’t remember it at all…”

1 08.30.14

Reminder: Registration for the JLPT opens tomorrow, September 1st.

8 08.30.14


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So this is how to get invited to the parties… I need to find the laminator. Also need to figure out how to print

Haha actually one of the other teachers invited me on Monday, but then the date got shifted around a bunch…

I guess I’m on my way already, then! I’ve had tiny interactions with a lot of other staff. I need to find the party planner, though…

3 08.30.14

Right now I wish I fit the foreigner stereotype of being rude.

I had to stand there and listen to the NTT guy call number after number saying that I’m a foreigner and he can’t explain shit to me like I can’t understand. The last time he said it, I almost actually yelled out “Just stop it already!” in Japanese. Instead, I waited until after and asked him a question and wrote in kanji on my paper.

Like, he didn’t even TRY to explain to me. He just started calling everyone and bitching about me.

Since I could only hear half of the conversation, I’m not 100% sure on all of it, but basically the cord was damaged by the balcony door being closed on it. (So he re-installed it in the balcony door, of course. This is only logical.) So, he was trying to suggest that it be run through the outlet where the TV jack is. After he said that, he’d mention Monday in reply to whatever the other side was saying and then when they replied he’d mention I’m a foreigner so he can’t explain it to me and even said it was a tough situation. IN FRONT OF MY FACE. He even sighed before he called another number at one point to explain all of this shit again.

Like, you’re willing to call 5 different numbers to explain I’m a foreigner and you can’t fucking try to explain to me even once.

I was standing there in my head repeating in Japanese “Why don’t you explain it to me? It’s really rude calling everyone and calling me a foreigner again and again.” But I didn’t have the courage to say anything so he left without explaining fully whatever was being discussed regarding Monday.

I feel like if I talk about this to anyone I’m going to start crying because it’s just like, what did I even study Japanese for if people don’t even acknowledge I might be able to speak it? I’m too shy to say anything, so people just assume it means I don’t understand.

Honestly, I always call kids and the elderly “unforgiving” because they don’t slow down at all when speaking to me. I don’t mean it in a negative way. I appreciate it because it’s REAL practice. But right now, I’m appreciating them more than the ones who “kindly” slowed down for me in the past.

Ahaha. FML. The internet stopped working by the time I finished typing this. I called the number the guy gave me and the person who answered explained to me that they have to wait for Monday to call my landlord and get permission to drill a hole in the wall to run the wire through the TV jack outlet.

How did I understand this when I’m a foreigner who it’s too difficult to explain shit to?!

2 08.30.14


Yo I think I just collected a crap ton of brownie points from my teachers.

Yesterday, I figured out how to use the laminator and stayed at school until almost 8pm making big flash cards for my self intro class at the elementary. I got a bajillion comments like, “Eh, Melanie, are you ok? You’re…

So this is how to get invited to the parties…

I need to find the laminator. Also need to figure out how to print big things.

6 08.29.14

I affectionately call my neighbours “my ghosts” because I’ve never seen any of them but I hear random noises from their apartments and their footsteps outside.

6 08.28.14
@Anonymous "There's a thing called the read more button... Please learn how to use it."

There’s a thing called the unfollow button… Please learn how to use it.

To all of the people who think I give a shit about their opinion when they’re rude, anonymous, and clearly don’t read my blog because I’ve used “read more” before: I don’t. Ask politely, criticize non-anonymously, or refer to a specific post and maybe I’ll give a shit.

1 08.27.14